Aristedes Philip DuVal aka MR. MELODY
   Ciick to hear "Walkin Thru The Park" Pop Anthem    Voice-Overs: Ciderman and DJ Dickie Razzle

A  Brief Overview Of  Worldly Accomplishments

Co-Producer of "UN World Day" for the Duke Ellington Foundation, UN General Assembly
Secretary General Koffi Anan with dignitaries from around the globe in attendance. Produced for Television with 6 Betacams.
Featuring the comeback of Hendricks & Ross, Grady Tate, Barbara Morrison, Delya Chandler, Miri Benari, Joy Ryder, Paul Nowinsky. Music Director- Juma Sultan.

Aristedes has worked in various capacities-
Producer, Actor, Filmmaker, Promoter with:
Salvador Dali
The Rehearsal (Feature Film)- with Melina Mercouri, Jules Dassin, Miki Theodorakis 
P.F. Sloan- Eve of Destruction Revisited 
James Rado- Author Hair & Rainbow
Editta Sherman- The  Duchess of Carnegie Hall
CEREBRUM- The Human Sensorium
Globus Brothers- Panoramic Photography & Computer Art
Bernard Stollman- ESP Disk, Duke Ellington Foundation
Museum of Sound Recording
Dick Falk- Mayor of Broadway
Pat Kenny- Kenny’s Castaways, Rascal Rock
Jon Stevens- Atomic Silver Pill 
Michael Kamen- New York Rock & Roll Ensemble
Neil Innes- The Rutles 
Sun Ra & His Inter-Galactic Solar Arkestra
Baird Jones- Nightlife Promoter, Art Collector
Ultra Violet
Ann Ruckert
Fay Dunaway
Professor Irwin Corey
Steve Addabbo-Shelter Island Sound
Willoughby Sharp 
Otto von Ruggins & Kongress
Copernicus the Poet
Marcus Boas - Heroic Fantasy Painter
John Fekner- Wheels Over Indian Trails
Timothy Jaxon- Empire City Art
Caine One & Ramon 'Speedy' Gonzalez- The Graffiti Project
Automation House
Dick Gregory- A Fast For Life
Arts Olympus
MAX's Kansas City

reator of Live and Televised Shows featuring various artists:
Mary Doolittle Watches TV, The Mr. Sexy™ Show

Co-Producer, Videographer, Guest Artist
Manhattan Cable TV
MNN Shows:
Rock Shop, Lovecats, Interesting People, Underground TV, Free TV, Loganic One-MSO, Kid Yorgothamode,  Dazzle, The Maurice Miller Show, John King Show

Public Access Producers Artists Alliance (P.A.P.A.TV)
seeking 501-C3 status in NYS
P.A.P.A. Committee To Save Central Park Naumburg Bandshell which
Saved it from demolition!
American Dreamer Theater LLC.

As Art Journalist & Publicist:
Aristedes & Kathleen Vach (aka Mary Doolittle) published 400 issues of the most complete advance listings of NYC Gallery Openings & Free Events - The Mr.Sexy® Atomic Hot List, which forever changed the face of art journalism.

Writer - Promoter of numerous talented artist:
John King's Models & Talent News, Show Business Newspaper, Performer Cues News, Zygote Arts Journal, Manhattan Mirror, Rhythm Club, Magic Orbit From Outer Space, Nuclear Warrior, Max's Kansas City NYC

As a Rock Opera Singer Mr. Melody™ Performed in the Musicals:
Jesus Christ Superstar in Europe & The Radio Rainbeam Rainbow Roadshow aka 'Rainbow' by James Rado @ The Orpheum Theater NYC
Recorded a major album in Berlin, Germany with Joy Ryder.
Projected new involvements include The Electric Prunes,

The Legacy of Harry Smith, Eric Emerson & The Magic Tramps  The California Jam.

Public Access Producers Artists Alliance (P.A.P.A.TV)
seeking 501-C3 status in NYS
P.A.P.A. Committee To Save Central Park Naumburg Bandshell
Saved it from demolition!
American Dreamer Theater LLC. The Internet Movie Data Base

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